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A professionally managed family business run by our forefather, our great father Mr. AZAM KHAN (late) and now is being look after by us. We have made our mark in the export of Pine Nuts (Kernel), Pine Nuts (in Shell) and various commodities including Dry Dates, Dry Fig, Dry Apricot, Raisin, Pistachio (all kind of Dry Fruits), Pulses, Spices and Turmeric etc. We source our products with utmost care of harvested, cultivating from forests and parts of northern area in PAKISTAN . The growing demand in the international market for the products has given us a chance to cater our services to our esteemed clients worldwide. Our quality combined with a fair price and prompt delivery, has etched our name in the international market.


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الأرقام المهمة

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    101 – 200


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    مقر اجتماعي – الشركة الأم
  • النشاط الرئيسي
    تاجر الجملة

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